A big thank you to all the attendees of my art and meditation gatherings, and a warm recognition to donors, listed in bold. Below is a list of their names to honor their efforts to partake in the message of peace and mental health through art and meditation.

Nic Bautista
Jem Campbell
Sakara Birdsong
Shei Bohol
Margeau Bohol
Val Carias
Michael Chen
Katie Fisher
Joshua Flores
Henry Francisco
Christian Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez
Robyn Kehoe
Grace Kim
Nicole Lederman
Olivia Lee
Lauren Levine
Tom Levine
Holly Lim
Angela Moreira
Mario Navasero
Lauren O’Connel
Lisa Olsen
Emily Rose
Michael Samardzich
Hans Shownberg
Bryant Sina
Wally Smith
Dora Tsui
Lyla Warren
Camille Wiseman
Benjamin Yu